Wedding Transportation Checklist

A guide to help you plan your all of your wedding transportation needs

Make your wedding day transportation easy

When planning your wedding, one item that should have special consideration is transportation. We have provided wedding transportation to hundreds of Brides, wedding parties, guests, and relatives. As experts in wedding transportation, we have created a comprehensive guide and checklist to make your wedding planning much easier and your wedding day less stressful. Make sure you save this page, or download our free planning guide.

The Planning Phase

These items should be considered and prepped for 3-4 months prior to your wedding day:

  • Who needs a ride? Start with a headcount, this should be a list of everyone who will need a ride or you will be providing transportation for on your wedding day.
    • Guests to Consider: Bride/Groom (Obviously!), Wedding Party, Parents of the Bride/Groom, Out-of-town guests, Grandparents, photographers, etc.
    • Create a call sheet for you and your driver here.
  • Pick Your Ride: What type of transportation will you require? Will you need a party bus, limo, larger shuttle? Will the Bride and Groom use a getaway car?
  • Does your venue have parking?: Confirm your venue has parking and work with your transportation company to ensure they can provide to-from vehicles
  • Consider your itinerary: How many stops will you need to make after the ceremony? will there be stops for pictures?
  • Travel time: What is the total distance between the ceremony and the reception? How many trips will you need to take?  Don’t forget to leave plenty of buffer time when planing your itinerary!
  • BOOK EARLY: Don’t wait till the last minute, transportation companies that service weddings often book months in advance, sometimes even a year.
  • Choose the right vendor! Ask questions and ensure you have chosen professionals that have lots of wedding experience.

1-2 Weeks Prior

Finalizing all of the details:

  • Solidify your itinerary: Verify your itinerary and confirm all stops, pickup and drop off points, etc..
  • Make final arrangements with you vendor:
    You will want to make final payments with your vendor.
  • CONFIRM! CONFIRM! CONFIRM! Make sure you confirm all of your details with your transportation company in advance of your wedding day.

Your Wedding Day

It’s showtime! These last minute arrangements will ensure your wedding transportation is flawless:

  • Assign a point person: Choose a person in your wedding party or a close friend or relative to be directly responsible for communication with the driver, etc.. This person will ensure everything and everybody makes it in their vehicles, they will tip the driver, and they will make sure your belongings make it from Point A to Point B.
  • Personal Belongings:  Identify what personal belongings need to be in the vehicle before and after the ceremony.  These are items like phones, keys, purses, cameras, etc.  
  • Verify call sheet and deliver it to the point person!  Make sure your point person  has the call sheet and knows exactly how many people should be in the primary vehicles.
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